[產品設計] 3D虛擬試衣間的創新科技應用 (擴增實境AR,虛擬實境VR,3D掃瞄,女友,軟體,觸控,導覽,文物展示系統,數位典藏,3D dressing room)


[產品設計]3D虛擬試衣間的創新科技應用(擴增實境AR,虛擬實境VR,3D掃瞄,女友,軟體,觸控,導覽,文物展示系統,數位典藏,3D dressing room)

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Bloomingdale's rolls out 3D body scanning fitting room
(Bloomingdale's rolls out 3D body scanning fitting room,Microsoft Kinect XBOX, Apple Ipad, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality)



STANFORD, Calif. (NBC News)

Welcome to the retail future, with an assist from the video game industry. Bloomingdale's just became the first store in America (and the second in the world) to put a 3D Body Scanner from a company called Bodymetrics.

It's unlike any fitting room you've ever seen. For one thing, it's got 16 eyes staring out at you. They're actually sensors from the Microsoft Kinect, which lets you bounce in front of your XBox 360 when you play games. Your body is scanned, with the (modest) results coming through to an iPad. Your exact measurements are revealed, making it faster and easier to find just the right pair of jeans. Bodymetrics says the first machines are for women; eventually, they're hinting that a "male" version might be available - the better to snag that form-fitting suit, perhaps.  

The Bloomingdale's in California's Stanford Shopping Center won't talk abouthow much money it's sinking into the pod, only that it's thrilled to be the first to get one.London-based Bodymetrics says it had success with a test run in Los Angeles,before making Silicon Valley its first American home.

If you don't mind the feeling of being scanned, give it a shot.It will very likely cut your shopping time in half, and if you'd rather keep the results to yourself,just check your iPad later, and shop online.


Fitted Fashion using 3D scanners to make custom-fit jeans

上面這個設計,其實是2011年時就在進行實驗的計畫,內容如下:By now, you may be familiar with body-scanning systems that take peoples' measurements, so those people know what size of clothes to shop for.


Such systems include the recently-launched Bodymetrics, along with the more-established Intellifit. Well, startup company Fitted Fashion is taking the concept a step farther. Not only would each client get scanned to obtain their precise measurements, but the company would then make each client one or more pairs of custom-fit jeans, and mail those to their home.


The idea behind the business is that people will go to either a Fitted Fashion store or a partner location, where they will go through a digital tailoring process- co-founder Jamal Motlagh told us that it takes about three minutes, with the scan itself taking only about 30 seconds.Fitted Fashion uses already-existing 3D scanning booths, made by tech company [TC]. Using white light, these devices capture over 400 measurements of a client's entire body.



這個東西老實講很簡單,就僅是應用擴增實境(AR, Augmented Reality)的原理,將sensor或鏡頭掃瞄圖卡資訊,再將資訊轉為3D內容呈現於畫面裡,和被攝影的人物產生疊合。

3D虛擬試衣間 試穿衣服不必穿穿脫脫 (中天新聞)



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[產品設計] 3D虛擬試衣間的創新科技應用 (擴增實境AR, 虛擬實境VR, 3D掃瞄, 女友, 軟體, 世界, 觸控, 導覽, 文物展示系統, 數位典藏) 3D dressing room: Fitted Fashion using 3D scanners to make custom-fit jeans, 遠東百貨推全球首座3D虛擬試衣間, Bloomingdale's rolls out 3D body scanning fitting room (Microsoft Kinect XBOX, Apple Ipad, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality)


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