The 6th International Conference on Planning and Design- 規劃與設計國際研討會將於今年2011年於成大舉辦,詳情請見下方:



ICPD 2011 invites you to the National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan to join in and contribute to this biennial international forum for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date research in design, architecture and urban planning.

ICPD 2011 will start with Keynote Speeches and Parallel Sessions from Sunday to Wednesday at the NCKU in Tainan, followed by a Culture Tour on Thursday in Taipei. Last, the same Keynote Speakers will give their second speeches on Friday in Taipei.

Theme and Tracks

(1) Human-Centered Design and Interaction

All types of design can be regarded as interfaces for any of three levels of interactions, i.e. within single user, among multiple users, with the environment. Therefore, a human-centered design or interaction could improve people’s understanding, behavior, activity, large-scale system, or environment.

(2) Creativity in Design, Service, and Technology

Everyone wants to be creative, especially a designer. However, where creative comes from, when creative is triggered, why someone can be more creative than others, and how to achieve creative design, service, or technology are somehow still remains a mystery. This can be approached from education, cognition, neural science, computer aided design and so on.

(3) Smart and Green Building

Integrating the physical and the virtual worlds through new technologies leads to new approaches in architectural design and construction, and to buildings that not only provide enhanced environments for their inhabitants but also protect scarce natural resources.

(4) Innovation in Building and Design

By exploring alternative approaches to conventional distinctions such as form and structure, theory and practice, engineering and architecture or analysis and synthesis, innovative design approaches and cross-disciplinary collaborations can be initiated.

(5) Green Urbanization: Policy and Design Initiatives

Topics include:

 1. Planning process for promoting green development;

 2. Policy incentives for green urban designs;

 3. Case studies of green urban systems; and

 4. Other issues related to green urbanization

(6) Responses to Climate Change: A Strategic Urban Spatial Planning Approach

Topics include:

 1. Spatial planning in responses to global warming;

 2. Policy incentives for reducing urban carbon footprints;

 3. Case studies of urban flood control and hazard reduction; and

 4. Other issues related to climate change.

(7) Culture Gap and Creative Leap

Culture has become a key source of capital for generating value. Human activities can be categorized into production and consumption. "Gaps" exist in between and cause disorder. Through creative efforts or “leaps“, these gaps can be crossed, bridged or sealed. Concerned thinking, theories and strategies in these regards will be disclosed and discussed.


Full paper due: 15 March 2011

 (The full paper deadline is postponed to 15 Mar. 2011)

Review outcome: 15 March 2011

Early bird payment due: 22 March 2011

Final paper due: 31 March 2011

Conference dates: 22~27 May 2011


22~25 May 2011

International Conference Hall / Department of Urban Planning

National Cheng Kung University

No. 1, University Road, East District, Tainan City, 701

More information, please link to the following:



[研討會資訊] The 6th International Conference on Planning and Design- 2011 ICPD 在成大舉辦_2011.3.15截止 (國際研討會、成功大學、工業設計學系)

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